Your Impact

With assistance from donors like you, for over 25 years, Save A Heart has provided help and hope to patients and families of the U-M Congenital Heart Center.

Your contributions have advanced groundbreaking research and important innovations that continue to improve congenital heart care.

Funds from Save A Heart also support patients and families during stressful times, helping them with travel expenses, lodging, and other tangible needs

  • $25 could provide a teddy bear or another toy that brings comfort to a patient.
  • $50 could give a patient an electronic device that can help ease the long days in the hospital.
  • $100 can provide a much needed car seat for parents taking their child home from the hospital.
  • $200 would be used to purchase backpacks for patients with chest tubes, so that they will be more at ease when moving about.
  • $500 can cover the cost of neurodevelopmental evaluations when insurance does not.
  • $750 can supply a lab with test tubes, vials, pipettes and other resources needed to pursue groundbreaking congenital heart research.
  • $1,000 could cover materials used for one patient’s genetic analysis, helping our physicians and researchers develop individualized therapies.
  • $3,000 can support educational meetings for implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) patients and their families.
  • $5,000 can send five heart kids to summer camp.
  • $7,500 helps to support data analysis for research projects striving to improve outcomes and care.
  • $10,000 supports a Child and Family Life specialist who uses medical play therapy and education to help children prepare for procedures and surgeries.
  • $15,000 can help provide lodging at a hotel or Ronald McDonald House for up to five families.
  • $25,000 would fund drug discovery efforts that could uncover new and more effective medications for congenital heart patients.
  • $40,000 can support one patient during a single phase of a clinical trial that tests a new drug or device.